As the saying goes, “it takes a village!” When a mother faces challenges or complications at the time of delivery, it takes a strong healthcare system with doctors, nurses, allied healthcare providers, well-equipped and stocked health facilities, and available transport to make sure she survives, thrives and gives birth to a healthy newborn. A healthcare system can only be effective and efficient if its healthcare providers are trained and well equipped.
Within the health system, nurses are often the unsung heroes of maternal and newborn care. In rural areas, nurses must contend with having to manage high-risk and emergency cases, high caseloads and sudden complications, without the support of a large health team to help them make crucial decisions or timely interventions.
At ASMAN, it is our belief that building the competence of these nurses – the invaluable healthcare providers in public health facilities – is key to improving the care being given to mothers and newborns during and just after delivery.
Improved quality of care has a direct implication on improved maternal and newborn health outcomes. For this reason, ASMAN program is focussed on building the competency of nurses to help them follow evidence-based best practices. ASMAN does so by providing nurses with:

 Clinical skills training
 On-the-job mentoring and supervision
 A self-directed e-learning platform

skills training

Clinical skills training is provided through an intensive three-day technical update and skills standardization training workshop, to empower healthcare providers to competently follow evidence based, maternal and newborn care practices, thus saving the lives of mothers and newborns. During the training, healthcare providers are taught a variety of modules including: the safe childbirth checklist and its impact on quality of care; care at the time of admission; essential practices just before, during delivery, after delivery and at the time of discharge; and creation of a quality enabling environment in labour rooms.

On-the-job mentoring and supervision

On-the-job mentoring and supervision are provided through mentoring visits to health facilities.

During mentoring visits to health facilities, the program officers follow a carefully structured checklist designed to improve adherence to essential practices, improve data recording and provide training and handholding to nurses in essential clinical practices.

They also assess availability of drugs and supplies in labor room and draw attention to any lack in essential resources.


E-learning platform provides an interface on ASMAN tablet, which is also available on the go. It is a user friendly platform where access, understanding and usage is extremely simple. This educational content available on the app is bible for nurses and doctors at the time of crises. Practical and easy to learn clinical guidelines makes handling the situation much easier. The platform also includes gamification-based learning app to provide an innovative approach to training and assisting health care providers to provide safer births for mothers and newborns, early identification and evidence-based management of complications. Also included is the Safe Delivery app, an m-health tool for health workers that provides instant access to evidence based and up-to-date clinical guidelines on basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care.

A specialized training focused on improving intra-partum and immediate post-partum care practices is provided to healthcare providers in ASMAN intervention facilities. In order to assess its effectiveness, pre and post knowledge and skills assessment is conducted using objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). Data suggests that these trainings have been very effective in improving knowledge and competence of service providers related to key maternal newborn health care practices

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