and Evaluation

It is vital to track outcomes, in order to understand the impact of the program, promote accountability, transparency, and fine tune the program if necessary. With this in mind, an outcomes evaluation is being conducted to track improvements in the quality of intrapartum and early newborn care being provided at public health facilities.

The outcome evaluation can help track the changes in practices, knowledge and skills of staff members at the various facilities. The evaluation is also tracking facility readiness to provide quality service over time and how ASMAN has contributed to the overall change and improvement.

The outcome evaluation is being complemented with implementation research that studies the interaction of technology with various stakeholders and factors that may influence the uptake and use of technology at various levels. Together, the evaluation and research will allow programme stakeholders to objectively evaluate the success of the programme based on outcomes. Key learning and insights gained as a result of assessment will help in the future scale-up of the

There are two major components of the assessment:


  • Quality of care
  • Knowledge, skills and practices of healthcare providers
  • Facility readiness
  • Improvement over time
  • Patients’ experience of care

Implementation Research

  • Barriers to uptake of technology
  • Enablers of uptake of technology
  • Exploratory and explanatory research

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