Reach & Impact

Reach & Impact

ASMAN is one of its kind programme , for maternal and neonatal health, having logged more than 2,84,186 cases so far. It has been successfully rolled out in 81 facilities across 8 districts in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

REGISTRATION and case notification

  • Over 2,84,186 admissions successfully registered:1,57,529 in Madhya Pradesh and 1,26,657 in Rajasthan
  • Over 2,44,091 live births in facilities:1,30,006 in Madhya Pradesh and 1,14,085 in Rajasthan
  • Over 2,51,395 delivery cases successfully registered: 1,34,601 in Madhya Pradesh and 1,16,794 in Rajasthan
  • Over 1,09,446 high-risk cases detected, and 1,18,285 notifications sent to doctors for timely case management

Competence Building

  • 1046 healthcare providers trained- Madhya Pradesh 698 and Rajasthan 348
  • 913 trained service providers
  • More than 405 post-training mentoring and supervision visits
ASMAN programme is making a difference in the quality and delivery of on-ground care:

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