Remote Support

Remote Support Centres (RSCs) are unique feature of ASMAN program to provide round-the-clock specialized support to peripheral facilities, offering real-time guidance for management of complicated cases, through specialist doctors based in medical colleges. These centres enable a continuity of care in case there is a complication or emergency during delivery. This helps to avoid the delay in initiating the correct treatment at the peripheral health facility, thus saving the lives of the mother and newborn. The establishment of remote support centres is a giant step towards improvingmaternal and newborn health outcomes through quality care.

RSCs are currently operational at four government medical colleges to ensure the sustainability of this intervention. This model allows the appropriate utilization of limited human resources and managing of a case with minimum additional infrastructure requirements. Currently, Madhya Pradesh has one RSC at Indore (Mahatma Gandhi Medical College) and Rajasthan has three RSCs at Kota (J. K. Lone Medical College), Jhalawar (Medical College and Hospital and Ajmer (Zanana Medical College and Hospital).

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