The Asman Model

The Asman Model

Technology-enabled care which combines health technology, digital media and mobile technology is cost-effective and plays a significant role as a decision support tool, providing relevant alerts and notifications to take necessary actions, setting up remote e-consultations and providing e-learning content thereby improving quality and health outcomes.

ASMAN is helping save the lives of mothers & newborns through facility-based technology innovations and interventions.
As a pilot, ASMAN has been launched in 81 public health facilities across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The programme has the potential to be scaled in other districts across India and even, around the world. The programme includes key elements.

The tool

A tablet-based application that aids monitoring and decision making, during and just after childbirth
The ASMAN digital platform allows healthcare providers to enter real time data on digitized maternity case sheets and receive timely support while managing complicated cases. Notifications help to alert the staff about high-risk cases. The e-partograph on the platform helps them to monitor labour progress.
The platform simplifies and streamlines paperwork, allowing them to focus on the patient at hand.

The Skills

Capacity building and sustaining through continual learning and gamification
ASMAN makes use of game-based case scenarios and e-learning modules to keep the nursing staff informed and equipped to handle different situations. Mentors regularly visit the centres, helping to improve the availability of necessary amenities in the labour room and to support quality care during delivery.
ASMAN trains health providers about safe childbirth practices and management of complicated cases.

The Support

Remote support and analytics to provide continuous feedback

Specialist doctors are available to offer remote support whenever required. The Remote Support Centre is operational in Medical College in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and in Kota, Ajmer and Jhalawar (Rajasthan) and offers real-time guidance enabling healthcare providers in decision making.

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